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  • Reading Comprehension Vocabulary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

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  • Reading Comprehension Vocabulary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Everything you need to enrich your vocabulary! Comes with a free 3-month subscription to Word Tag. SAVE $29.97!

    Ages 11-16 Grades 6-10


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    • Instant download after purchase
    • 357 printable pages developed with assessment experts and teachers
    • Aligned with curriculum for works of fiction taught in school and SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, and state assessments
    • Includes 50 printable activity packs (15-20 minutes to complete each)
    • 500 frequently occurring vocabulary words in reading comprehension exams and classical literature
    • Use with Word Tag video game to reinforce vocabulary learned
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    Reading, comprehension, and vocab, oh my!

    The Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Pack is designed to introduce kids to new and challenging vocabulary found in reading comprehension exams and classical literature. It includes 500 frequently occurring vocabulary words curated in short printable workbooks of 10 words that can be completed once a week.

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    Benefits and helpful hints

    Get the most out of your Reading Comprehension Vocabulary pack

    Our vocabulary
    Learn difficult words

    How do we find our words?

    To identify the words that kids need to know, our team of linguists and data scientists mine databases of vocabulary
    We use an algorithm that takes into account where each word is likely to appear, how complex its spelling is, its meaning difficulty, and its grade level
    We curate the words your child needs to know for efficient, easy learning!!
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    Reading Comprehension Vocabulary is research-backed learning. It offers:

    Exposure to vocabulary drawn from classical literature sources
    Challenging words in child-friendly contexts to help kids learn them properly
    Practice verbal reasoning skills through synonym, antonym, and cloze sentences exercises

    Interested in using Mrs Wordsmith in your classroom?

    Shoot us an email at social@mrswordsmith.com with your thoughts!

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    How does it work?

    Reading Comprehension Vocabulary workbooks are expertly curated by our data scientists and through our partnership with Atom Learning. We use proven methods to increase retention so kids make fewer mistakes. This printable pack is perfectly suited to older readers (ages 11-16) to help promote independent learning.

    See what the experts have to say...

    "Mrs Wordsmith Reading Comprehension Vocabulary is a wonderful printable companion to teach the vocabulary typically found on reading comprehension exams for 11+, 13+ and US SSAT, ISEE and PSAT. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Mrs Wordsmith on data mining this targeted base of vocabulary."

    Jake O'Keeffe | Co-Founder Atom Learning

    Boost learning with gameplay

    When kids are exposed to words in different contexts, it reinforces learning. Use Reading Comprehension Vocabulary with Word Tag: the exciting game that boosts kids' vocabulary by up to 1000 new words per year.

    With just 15 minutes of gameplay daily, Word Tag complements Reading Comprehension Vocabulary to improve kids’ reading and writing skills, helping them to become confident and passionate readers for life. Learn more!

    Reading Comprehension Vocabulary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Ages 11-16 Grades 6-10


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