My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

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My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

180 bite-sized ways to expand your child's vocabulary!

Ages 5-8 Kindergarten - Grade 2

$17.50 $24.95

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  • Curriculum-aligned, perfect for the K-Grade 1
  • Expert-backed, fun activities to complete in just five minutes a day
  • 180 pages of content to expand your child's vocabulary
  • Covers vocabulary, math, science and technology, life lessons, emotional intelligence, and more
  • Ships to the US and Canada
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Big ideas for little learners...

My Epic Life Daily Word Workout is an indispensable daily wonder, designed to introduce young minds to big ideas at the breakfast table.

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Benefits and helpful hints

Get the most out of your Daily Word Workout!

Little and often
How to use
Big ideas at the breakfast table

Bite-sized learning is best

Bite-sized learning focuses on short, highly focused content based on one topic at a time.
Studies suggest that bite-sized learning is up to 90% more effective than cramming words in one go.
Experts relate this to long-term memory, which stores small pieces of information more efficiently!
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Your workout is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Set up your My Epic Life Daily Word Workout anywhere you like - whether on the breakfast table, a nightstand, or the teacher's desk.
  2. Every day, flip a page, learn a hilariously illustrated word, and discover a related brain-teaser, inspirational quote, or activity to make your day epic.
  3. Scan QR codes in the book with your phone to unlock cartoons that help you learn words!
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Use My Epic Life to promote engaging and thought-provoking conversations

Social emotional learning is an important part of introducing kids to the world around them.
My Epic Life Daily Word Workout offers valuable life lessons about inclusivity, tolerance, and respect, all through the magic of words!
Packed with synonyms, antonyms, and mind-blowing vocabulary to show kids the epic scope and flexibility of language. There's a word here for everything.

Interested in using Mrs Wordsmith in your classroom?

Shoot us an email at with your thoughts!

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What's in store?

With 180 pages of hilarious illustrations, brain teasers, life inspiration, and more, Daily Word Workout builds kids' vocabulary in ways to help inspire them to be engaged with their world.

Loved by parents and teachers alike

"My 4 year old is loving it and learning lots of new words, and my 7 year old unconfident reader is enjoying it too."

Sarah Mayhieu | Parent

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Spiral-bound hardcover
180 pages
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25 x 23.2cm

My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

Ages 5-8 Kindergarten - Grade 2

$17.50 $24.95

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