A word game like no other. Increase vocabulary and ace exams!

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Epic scooter tricks.
Epic vocabulary.

Meet Barksy
- that's you!

Barksy is a word-hungry hound who scoots around Blabberville, learning words and using them in graffiti.

Epic missions
Epic environments

Find spray cans, learn words, and perform epic scooter tricks for Ding, Blabberville’s resident flying microwave.

Explore Blabberville, a constantly expanding 3D world with surprises around every corner.

The more words you learn, the more Blabberbucks you earn. Spend them on outrageous outfits and state-of-the-art scooters!

Learn words you need for Exams


Increase your reading age!

Become a better reader and writer with the words you’ll find in the best literature

Sail through school!

Master science, technology, environment, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) vocabulary

Developed with literacy experts and gaming talent.

“The only mobile game children will be allowed to play seven days a week.”
Professor Susan Neuman

“The level of vocabulary gets increasingly difficult as you play. The game is adaptive.”
Professor Ted Briscoe

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Parents and teachers love Epic Word Adventure almost as much as kids do.
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