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  • Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

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  • bestseller
  • Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Here's a dynamic duo: 1000+ words to take your storytelling to the next level, paired with a free 3-month subscription to Word Tag. SAVE $29.97!

    Ages 8-12 Grades 3-6


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    • 1000+ richly descriptive words with 127 key storytelling topics
    • Includes words that appear on State Assessments, Lexile Reading Assessment, SSAT, SAT, TOEFL
    • 1300 hilarious illustrations by award-winning Hollywood artists
    • Uses scientific research to make word learning effective and fun
    • Ships to the US and Canada
    • Use with Word Tag video game to reinforce vocabulary learned
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    You've all had the experience of wanting to unlock that next level, find the hidden Easter egg, snag the coolest, rarest gear. These same incentives lead to the invisible learning of vocabulary. The stars kids gather to reach higher levels, and the coins they use to buy cool swag, are only available once they've completed the word games!

    We know that one exposure is simply not enough to really learn a word. That's why we've designed our books and games to be used together, unlocking a funner, richer way to boost vocabulary. Learn more!

    Benefits and helpful hints

    Get the most out of your Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary!

    Happier kids
    What's inside?
    Collect the range!

    Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is designed to make learning a fun, enjoyable experience.

    Research shows that writing helps us make sense of our thoughts, feel better about past negative experiences, and feel more optimistic about the future.
    Expressive writing in particular has been linked to improved mood, well-being, and reduced stress levels
    One study even found that writing every day improved overall health by as much as 50%!
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    Your dictionary contains:

    1. Over a thousand inspirational storytelling words.
    2. Six key storytelling themes: Character, Setting, Taste and Smell, Action, Emotion, and Weather.
    3. 1300 hilarious illustrations to clarify word meanings.
    4. 127 storytelling topics including: describing characters’ appearance, actions, and emotions, to creating vivid, memorable story worlds.
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    The perfect way to maximize your illustrated vocabulary learning experience

    Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is one of four products in the Storyteller's family
    To extend the fun and learning of the dictionary, try our award winning Storyteller's Card Game or Storyteller's Word a Day
    Great for classroom enhancement

    Interested in using Mrs Wordsmith in your classroom?

    Shoot us an email at with your thoughts!

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    Award-winning education

    Amazon Best Seller in Schools and Education

    Parent's Choice Gold Award Winner 2019

    Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2019

    Mom's Choice Award Winner 2019

    Loved by parents and teachers alike

    "My son loves this - it's fun to use and helps with his story writing - he actually chooses to use this dictionary!!"

    John Drayton | parent

    A dictionary like no other.

    Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is the perfect tool to inspire budding storytellers everywhere. Stuffed full of hilarious, outrageous illustrations and over a thousand words, this is the dictionary reimagined. Designed to help children write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life.

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    Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Ages 8-12 Grades 3-6


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