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How to Write a Story Ages 10-12 + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

Ages 10 - 12 4th Grade - 6th Grade
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Instant download available after purchase
Contains 256 printable pages with easy-to-follow mark schemes
Story Graphs - a simple planning framework to help kids structure their stories
Use with Word Tag video game to reinforce vocabulary learned
Story Kits with writing prompts suitable for school and exam practice
Descriptive vocabulary lists to build confidence and skill
Product Description

How to Write a Story is the ultimate illustrated guide to creative writing for ages 10-12 (Grades 5-6). It's got everything your child needs to know to write captivating stories, with 256 print-at-home pages with easy -to-follow mark schemes and descriptive vocabulary lists.

This printable features:
Story Graphs - a simple planning framework to help kids structure their stories.
Story Kits - writing prompts, covering topics from classical literature to space missions. 

How to play
  • Step 1 Read through the fun, illustrated 'Story Shapes'
  • Step 2 Print the four story shape graphs and keep them handy - you can even hang them on the wall!
  • Step 3 Choose a Story Kit (illustrated writing prompt) for inspiration and get writing!
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You've all had the experience of wanting to unlock that next level, find the hidden Easter egg, snag the coolest, rarest gear. These same incentives lead to the invisible learning of vocabulary. The stars kids gather to reach higher levels, and the coins they use to buy cool swag, are only available once they've completed the word games!

We know that one exposure is simply not enough to really learn a word. That's why we've designed our books and games to be used together, unlocking a funner, richer way to boost vocabulary. Learn more!

Kitted out stories

How to Write a Story includes Story Kits to help kids plan their writing. Story Kits have illustrated writing prompts to fire kids’ imaginations, targeting questions to help plan their writing, and curated vocabulary lists to enrich kids’ confidence.

See what the experts have to say

"I am a tutor for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams. These printable workbooks are ideal preparation for students studying for 7+, 8+ or 11+ exams with a story writing element. The children that I have used them with have given very positive feedback. The checklist provides an accurate exam mark scheme but is delivered in a child friendly way so children can take ownership of their work. Dozens of curated vocabulary words are provide for each story prompt."

Juliet Rolls | PGCE Cantab, Founder, Cambridge Academic Tuition

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